Jefferson City needs to work like Platte and Buchanan County, not like Washington D.C. I will take on the political insiders and special interest groups to represent your values and the communities we call home.


As a small business owner, I understand how to balance budgets. I will fight to ensure we cut waste, fraud and abuse from the budget. We need to look out for the little guy. As a senator I would work tirelessly to protect the interests of the small businesses to form the backbone of our communities.

Wasteful Spending

Government officials spend too much time talking about how they're going to save money. I have a proven track record of actually reforming government spending. If elected I’ll champion conservative spending habits to save taxpayer money, while still offering the services our citizens need.


As a lifetime member of the NRA I firmly support the 2nd Amendment. I will stand up and protect our 2nd Amendment rights from those who wish to take them away. 


I believe we must do everything possible to protect the lives of the unborn. As a State Senator, I will be a tireless defender of the unborn and will continue to lead the fight to protect our most vulnerable Missourians. I will bring real pro-life leadership to Jefferson City and pass legislation restricting abortions to save as many innocent lives as possible.


I believe we must support law enforcement officers and the rule of law as we seek to resolve the issues with crime in our communities. I will confront the opioid epidemic in Missouri with legislation aimed at protecting citizens and supporting our police officers. I also support harsher penalties for violent crimes against police officers, because I believe we should do anything and everything we can to support the people who serve and protect. I believe that crime and drugs go hand in hand which is why I oppose legalizing drugs.


With fiscally responsible policies and a balanced budget I’ll work hard to keep taxes low. The citizens and business owners of Missouri should be able to keep more of what they earn and shouldn’t have to deal with red-tape and bureaucracy from Jeff City. As Buchanan County Commissioner, I have fought to cut spending in order to keep taxes low. Low taxes are the basis of limited government.